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Remula                                                       Jix                                           Lamerix                                         The Ambis

Name:   Remula Aratrix

Age: 22 in human time, about 14 in Ambis time as of 2011. (Ambis time is 1.5 times that of Earth years.)

Born: June 15, 1989.

Known Family: Aratrix Caliginar (Father), Herax Pinax (mother), Romulos Aratrix (brother), Caligos Dariux (cousin), Aranis Dariux (cousin), Dariux Caliginar (uncle), unnamed aunt, Kelelder (ancestor), Aragara Kelelder (second cousin)

First Appearance:  43. Remula (as Remula), 1. In the Park (as Jix), 168. Lamerix 1 (as Lamerix), and 501. Superhero 01: Darts (as The Ambis)

Info: Remula grew up as the daughter of the Ambis Lord Aratrix. She was discovered early on to have mental problems, but was still forced to follow in her father's footsteps and become an invader. Part of her problem being that Aratrix was too harsh on her. On a survey of Earth, her ship crashed and Jix came out. Since Jix didn't remember anything of the Ambis life, she assumed she had amnesia and a male dog. As Jix, Remula was naiive and a much sweeter personality than Remula. She also took up smoking.

Jix lived on the streets of New York with English downloaded to her mind. It wasn't until her cousin Caligos (posing as her brother Romulos) saw her on a TV show that he knew she was alive and how to find her. Remula remerged a couple of weeks later and came to terms with her new living situation. A while later, Remula created the third personality known as Lamerix. Lamerix is Remula's creative side, being able to engineer various devices. Remuala herself is fairly intelligent as she was able to reverse engineer alien tech and build a device to help her cousin Aranis. 

Remula later created The Ambis, who was a male superhero persona. Much like Jix, she and her other personalities were unaware of The Ambis as well as The Ambis not knowing about the others. Much like Jix, The Ambis didn't know she was a female, but to The Ambis's credit, she has never seen herself outside of her armor.

The major differences between the appearance of the different personalities is that Remula has sharper, meaner looking eyes, Jix looks cuter than Remula, Lamerix wears goggles, and The Ambis wears Ambis armor.

As of right now, Jix is the main personality, but that's mostly because she's the main character of the comic.



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