1049. The Origin of Jix 11: Briefing Caligos

9th Mar 2016, 12:00 AM in The Origin of Jix
1049. The Origin of Jix 11: Briefing Caligos
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Dyonus 9th Mar 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete
In case you're wondering, Caligos is about 10 or so here, making him (obviously) several years younger than Romulos, but a few years older than Aranis and Remula...who are roughly the same age. I'm not sure if I've said before, but I'm thinking they're roughly a few months apart (like Jonas and Jennifer from Dragon City), but I'm not sure which is older.

Speaking of Dragon City, I am working on a spinoff of Dragon City with a whole new cast of characters. No Parrities. For now I am done with them. I have some new concepts I want to work out and whereas Dragon City was more science-fantasy (time travel, interdimensional travel, etc.), I'm thinking the new series will be more pararnormal. I kinda want to do something like Gravity Falls with dragons.

Now...normally I wouldn't announce something so early in development (like...as in I don't know when I'll start write it and I've only designed three of the characters), but I'm excited and would like to do it and by me saying something, I feel it'll more likely for it to come out. Buuuuut don't think it's just a few months off. I'm thinking it'll be like when I announced "Ambis Empire" and much longer than I anticipated, I just came out with more Jix. Though...unlike in that case, I'm really not bringing Dragon City back and have no plans to. Honestly, though...I had planned on making a comic much sooner called "Dragon Village," but I could never get the art style how I pictured it in my head and without that, it loses its charm.

Oh...and I redesigned Caligos's eyes after Dariux's. After I did Dariux's eyes, I realized I really didn't like Caligos's and finally got around to implementing a change. Black sclera, white irises, black pupils.
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man in black 9th Mar 2016, 9:04 PM edit delete reply
man in black
It's a trap!
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