1200. This is Halloween

4th Oct 2017, 11:59 PM in Specials
1200. This is Halloween
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Dyonus 4th Oct 2017, 11:59 PM edit delete
Well, it’s late, but it’s done. Part of the reason it’s late is because I kept putting it off. I had a script for it for a while and I’ll get into that in the rant of why I was hemming and hawing about using it is in the long rant I have below here. I wrote this section of this comments upon looking at the finished art and the large paragraphs below were written while I was still hemming and hawing over this script.

So let me change the subject by stating I really love how Pennywise turned out and I didn’t realize how little my fish aliens (because I can never remember what name I gave them) looked like the Creature from the Black Lagoon (what inspired them) until I put them side to side. Funny how something can inspire something and look basically nothing like the finished product.

Now for the rant:

I feel like this kind of special is overused between Jix, Pegwarmers, and Dragon City, but it’s usually when I can’t come up with something better. My favorite special I’ve done are the longer comics that tie into the story arcs and the Dungeons and Dragons one I did for Jix. Unfortunately, this is the very tail end of the Total Recall arc. There’s like one comic left and I really would be pissing about if I made that into a 9 panel comic. I hate drawing comics where someone is just standing around and talking because I get bored, but I also hate something to be too actiony because it means I don’t get to write as much dialogue. Something where we get more dialogue, but the characters are being more active or we see multiple characters in each panel...those are more of what I like to draw. For that reason, I want to shy away from extending the last comic of the Total Recall arc out. Granted, I could show Dyona going home, but I feel I’m done with her at this point. The next comic is the last and I’m happy with it being the last comic.

The only time I see doing an extended comic for a special is in the case of going into major events of the arc. Case in point, I think I would’ve split that one I did for Weekend with Remy into multiple comics, but given what went on, I’m glad I could expand it out into multiple panels to tell it all in one page. I can’t really do it here.

And as for something like the Dungeons and Dragons comic...I’m feeling creatively drained with this comic right now. Rehashing some of my older milestones with a different subject matter is all I can come up with right now.
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