190. Prelude to Jix 4

1st Sep 2008, 12:00 AM in Prelude to Jix
190. Prelude to Jix 4
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Dyonus 12th Jul 2011, 3:37 PM edit delete
Only 10 more comics until the 200th! I will be making a special Jix, which means it cuts into the current arc. Oh well. It happens. I'm sure you guys'll get over.

Yeah, I think panel 2 is one of the best things I've drawn with a mouse (Seems like I said that recently.) I guess I'm getting better. The only way I could see it being better if if I added some details to the clothes.

Paul and Lauren look totally different. That is, of course, because this was before Paul shaved his head and before Lauren got her hair dyed and cut. Her parents probably didn't allow her to dye her hair while living in their house/condo or whatever it was. And she is/was a big fan of pink.

By the way, I used this strip to practice my profile of humans. I haven't been that good at it, so this took a long time to draw because I kept erasing and redrawing. I also need to practice drawing the female form, but for now this is fine, I think.
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