193. Prelude to Jix 7

8th Sep 2008, 12:00 AM in Prelude to Jix
193. Prelude to Jix 7
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Dyonus 8th Sep 2008, 12:00 AM edit delete
Yeah, so that's Lauren's younger brother (if you couldn't tell by the dialog) who first appeared in the 100th comic. Not sure when Lauren's mom first appeared. Really really early on. I'd put Wayne (Lauren's bro) at about 16 or 17.

Coincidentally, my cousin got a TV in nearly the same circumstances, except Lauren got the money from her parents. He gets money from the government and if he doesn't use it, he loses it. So he bought him a big ass TV. Granted, his isn't as big as Lauren's, but it's pretty damn big. I got to play some games and watch TV on it while I was staying with him for a week. (Not sure if they make them that big...)
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