317. Planet Thief 23: Nurse Aranis (Epilogue)

24th Jun 2009, 12:00 AM in Planet Thief
317. Planet Thief 23: Nurse Aranis (Epilogue)
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 24th Jun 2009, 12:00 AM edit delete
Caligos won't be in the comic for a while, obviously. I wrote this after I thought about the next arc and him getting stabbed in this one and decided it'd probably be best if he wasn't around, so I wrote him out of the next arc. Not that he he really had anything important to add to it. I gave most of his lines to Dyonus or Dyona. But the comic did have more action than I thought he was capable of in his condition...and the next arc takes place later that night.

Anyway, I like the redesign of Lauren. It's not much, but I didn't like her profile design prior to this. This looks a lot better. Felt it was easier to give her bangs.

New arc starts either Friday or Monday.
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