33. Comic Book Covers

31st Aug 2007, 12:00 AM in Who Wants to be a Superhero
33. Comic Book Covers
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Dyonus 31st Aug 2007, 12:00 AM edit delete
Well...the events in Who wants to be a Superhero are a little out of order. This was supposed to happen WAY before this. Quite frankly, I put this out of order to give more relevance to the next comic.

Well, this arc is about over. Winner is announced next time!

Just so you know what I took out:
-Jix won a phone call (they're not allowed to call when they're in the superhero lair) and calls Lauren's cell phone, wasting his call.
-They get a costume upgrade. The only difference in Lauren's is that it shows off more cleavage. Jix got a cape (that he ended up not keeping.)
-Stan tells Jix to redo his phone call and so Jix calls the pay phone around near where Frank lives and Frank thinks he says "Millionaire" instead of "superhero" and answers "C."

That's really about it. I'm really excited to get to the new character, though, that's why I'm rushing this ahead a little.

I drew this one a little early. I was thrilled to do a more comic book feel to these characters, albeit not quite as detailed as you might expect. Jix turned out really well, I though. Lauren looks like she could be black instead of Polynesian and her face is a little misshapen. But I thought they still turned out well.

Just so you know, there are other superheroes getting their cover, too. I just didn't have the space to show them.

Right, so...the synopsis of the show I'm spoofing...

The basic show's premise is that it's a reality show where a filming crew from Sci-Fi goes to different places and Stan Lee appears on a screen and auditions a person to see if they might make a good superhero or not. (Whether or not the character they dressed up as, original design, of course, is up to snuff of having his or her own comic book.)

Anyway, he picks a certain number of them and you really only get to see about five minutes of it on the season premier. (Those five minutes are kind of like American Idol, except you pitch your idea to Stan Lee who is so much cooler than all three AI judges put together.) Anyway, when the group is chosen, they're taken to a building set up to accomodate the superhero hopefuls.

Every episode, Stan appears on a flat screen TV (he never appears in person to the superheroes on the show) and gives them a mission. They're a LOT more organized this season. He watches the superheroes in action and sees what they did wrong and where their flaws are. Then at the end of the show, he pulls up three that screwed up royaly (anything from fear of the mission to annoying their teammates) and he tells the three to explain why he should let them stay. He then kicks one off.

The winner of this contest gets their a one-shot comic featuring their character published by Dark Horse comics and written by Stan "The Man" Lee himself (their makeshift costumes that they start the show with gets redesigned after a while and they're given to those that are left by that episode.) They also appear on a Sci-Fi channel original movie.
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