365. Colony 17: Slider

14th Oct 2009, 12:00 AM in Colony
365. Colony 17: Slider
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Dyonus 14th Oct 2009, 12:00 AM edit delete
You know...it seems like I'm giving this arc an anti-climactic ending, but the way I see this is that it's only a snippet in this other universe. If I went full into it, this arc would be longer than the Planet Thief trilogy.

The black haired Lauren and her Jix are from a novel I've been working on. I had this idea of taking my normal storyline and doing it like this...except comic Lauren never makes an appearance.

So the novel universe was split off from this arc's universe when green-haired Lauren showed up. The main comic's universe is universe A, the novel one is universe B, so the one where green-haired Lauren visits would be universe C.

Also...I am moving on from here. If you want to know what happens to black-haired Lauren and Jix, stay tuned. We will be revisiting them in the future. I got an idea for an arc where Lauren revisits. I just need to flesh it out and write it. Plus I want to put a little time between this arc and that one.

Concerning the device...because I know someone is going to ask since Lauren left from space and arrived in her apartment. The device can lock into DNA. When Lauren traveled to Universe B, she was locked onto her own (unbeknownst to her), she wound up at the university, looked up her UB self and went to her dorm. Going back, she did the same with Jix's DNA and it took her back to her apartment where Lamerix was.
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