395. Christmas 01: Parasites and Pregnancy

23rd Dec 2009, 12:00 AM in Aranis
395. Christmas 01: Parasites and Pregnancy
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Dyonus 23rd Dec 2009, 12:00 AM edit delete
I've been looking at pictures of Manhattan to better my comic. Monday's was based on a bridge in Central Park (because I showed Jix's pod in the water) and then today's is based on a Starbucks near Central Park...across the street from a Chase bank...or Cha bank in this case. Basically...that's a real building. Thanks, Google Maps!

I sat and worked out the timeline for her pregnancy and July-March is what I came up with.

Just to put it into perspective:
-Planet Thief arc happened in May
-The Earth disappearance arc happened the day after...also in May.
-Lauren and Paul conceived their child in July. Nothing happened in the comic up to this point and nothing happened during this time.
-In mid to late August, Lauren got Dyonus and Dyona to do chores. This lasted maybe a week.
-Few days later, Lauren went into the parallel universe and spent a day there.
-Lauren starting school and studying lasted from very late August to October.
-Lauren started showing in about October.
-Aranis arc spanned from mid-October through December-ish. Aranis stayed with Jix for a while. How she avoided Dyonus all the time...do not know.
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