618. The Return of The Ambis 09: Dark Ambis

27th May 2011, 12:00 AM in The Return of The Ambis
618. The Return of The Ambis 09: Dark Ambis
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Dyonus 27th May 2011, 12:00 AM edit delete
I decided to redesign The Ambis's armor since he/she is pretending to be a supervillain. The mask design with the teeth was inspired by Yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur, Hexidecimal's crazy mask from Reboot, and The Green Goblin's mask from the first Spider-Man movie.

I would think that the teeth are flush with the rest of the mask and the mouth part is indented, but it's solid metal like the rest of the mask.

The rest of the armor is just a darker version of the hero armor, except with some slight changes such as the spikes on the shoulder pads, the reintroduction of the sharp things on the gauntlets (I've been leaving them out since I reintroduced the armor to the comic back during Halloween, I think...might have been the Daughter of the Planet Thief Arc.) I just forgot to draw them in.

The tail tip piece is a slightly different, too. It's more squarish.
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