630. Convention 05: Dragon Interrupted

23rd Jun 2011, 7:00 PM in Convention
630. Convention 05: Dragon Interrupted
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Dyonus 23rd Jun 2011, 7:00 PM edit delete
Long story short: Erin's editor wanted her to do a book tour, her agent said no, so he hunts Erin down and kidnaps her, taking her back to NYC. Erin calls Lauren (since Jix and Erin's mother Rachel know each other online and met in person...dragon...Ambis...whatever) and she and Jix turn Erin into a human so she can escape with that Species gun. Anyway, reader of DC already know this. Not really all that important, just backstory here.

Regarding the background, I got the idea to do this around the time I got the idea for this and DC's arcs and fortunately I had it prior to go to A-Kon and made a list of pictures to take for it. Not sure I got everything, so some comics may have drawn art for the background. We'll see.

Oh, and to see more from this panel, check out today's Dragon City.
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