664. Ten Year Anniversary

12th Sep 2011, 8:48 AM in Reverse Engineering
664. Ten Year Anniversary
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Dyonus 12th Sep 2011, 8:48 AM edit delete
I do apologize for interrupting the arc, but I had wanted to do a special comic for 9/11, especially since Lauren and Jix are New Yorkers. I had also been planning this comic for about a year and a half. Well...I mean I've had it written for that long. Not sure when I had actually decided to do it. I was kind of hoping today would be 9/11 rather than the 12th, but oh well...close enough.

I did add a joke for this, but not to make light of the situation (well, they're not making fun of it), but because I didn't want to write a strictly serious comic. But at the same time I kept the joke kind of light and avoided joking about 9/11 itself.

I'm not sure why Jix never heard of 9/11 prior to this. She's been on Earth long enough.
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