684. Jix Gone Wild 12: Arson

28th Oct 2011, 3:29 AM in Jix Gone Wild
684. Jix Gone Wild 12: Arson
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Author Notes:

Dyonus 28th Oct 2011, 3:29 AM edit delete
Lauren and Paul are moving next story arc...not due to this, but because of another thing and so I decided to show the lobby of their apartment building prior to moving them. Seems like a fitting place to confront someone, anyway.

Oh...and you may have noticed the donation button up top...yeah..I decided to give it a shot. My parents were bugging me about getting a job, I mentioned my comic and they said I should be making money off of said comic, so I figured even if I pulled in some money, I could back up my claim as using this comic as a job.

I know, I need a proper job, but for now...I have this.

And eventually I will be offering an incentive for donations...once I figure that out. If you happen to donate before that, you will be retroactively rewarded...it only makes sense.

Maybe a custom drawing of one of my characters or something...from any of my drawn comics. I don't feel right about using Pegwarmers or Chrono Redux for financial gain...even though I spend the most money on Pegwarmers.
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