70. Bounty Hunter 9

26th Nov 2007, 12:00 AM in Bounty Hunter
70. Bounty Hunter 9
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Dyonus 26th Nov 2007, 12:00 AM edit delete
Whoo! Jix is now 70 comics strong. Only 30 more before it reaches 100!

Hmm...I was a little worried about Pratos being a girl. I mean, that's the way I wrote it, but it just seemed a bit repetitive to reveal another Ambis as being female after the big shock that was Jix, but I guess this isn't the same since Pratos has been wearing armor and since she's not a main character. The other main difference...HUGE F***ing difference was that I initially did not know what gender Jix was until her brother came. I pretty much knew what gender Pratos was the entire time. So I mean...there is a bit of a difference in the writing.

Also, it's a little weird because of the related subject matter between this and Dragon City and this and Dragon City Stories. I'd like to ask that all three just be thought of separately because I for one do. I usually don't even think about my other two comics when I write one. I guess the overlapping subject matter just relates to things I think about. Such as the duel personalities which has been apparent in this and in Dragon City Stories or a revealing of a major character's cousin as of late Rachel and Jix and Romulos from Dragon City and of course Jix (respectively) but to me there is none. I wrote the script to this particular story arc about a month ago. The cousin thing in Dragon City was written about a week ago. DCS scripts were written several months ago whereas this one (again) was written a month ago.)

Events happening are just coincidental, I guess. I never timed it this way.
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