925. Asylum 03: First Session

16th May 2014, 2:43 AM in Asylum
925. Asylum 03: First Session
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Dyonus 16th May 2014, 2:43 AM edit delete
If you're wondering, I designed the psychiatrist after Professor Hugo Strange...specifically his design from Arkham City. Not intending that to be ominous or foreshadowing anything, but just how I perceive this character. And I tend to pay homage to stuff I like, such as Batman.
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Casanova 16th May 2014, 9:16 PM edit delete reply
The last two panels could have been a good impromptu april fools joke: replacing "pants" with "censor bars"
CyberSkull 18th May 2014, 4:33 AM edit delete reply
Do not bow to the two-legged tyranny of pants!
sir_chewie 21st May 2014, 6:22 PM edit delete reply
being made for the anatomy of a species with a tail, they should be 3-legged pants. So bow to their tyranny already!
Dyonus 22nd May 2014, 7:17 PM edit delete reply
Actually, the pants have a hole in the back for the tail. Doesn't actually cover the tail.
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